Why Work With Me?

Nutrition should be personalized and FUN!!!

I am a Breckenridge-based Registered Dietitian, specializing in fitness and wellness nutrition. I have worked with individuals who have just started an exercise routine, desiring weight loss, to athletes requiring a fueling and hydration plan for their 17-hour trek up a mountain. Nutrition work should be personalized and fun; these are the main components I focus on when working with my clients. Laughter is the best medicine. Creating healthy habits should be fun! I want you to succeed; I want to help you reach your goals. No goal is too small, too large or too out of reach. It is what makes YOU happy, that is most important.  As a nutrition professional, I am here to be your support system on this journey towards a healthier lifestyle by being continuously available to you. With my nutrition packages, I create an environment of open communication, help answer any questions you might have, and provide my expertise and knowledge to best suit your needs. Many people benefit working consistently with a Registered Dietitian. It can be most beneficial with someone who listens and cares, like me!

I care

I take a genuine interest and passion in helping my clients to reach their goals. If they fail, I fail. We are in this together.


Not all dietary recommendations work for everyone. Everyone and everybody is unique, that’s what makes us GREAT! Thus, why there is never a “one size fits all approach,” with me. I get to know my clients and understand them, and I recommend what works best for them.

Natural Approach

The method towards fitness and wellness nutrition that I use is natural. I focus on a whole foods-based approach to nutrition, which makes achieving your goals possible. 

Virtual Counseling

All of my services can be offered virtually, so there is no need to take time out of your day to commute to an office. We can meet right in the comfort of your own home, making it convenient for you.


I received a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition-Dietetics and underwent an intensive hands-on 10-month dietetic internship to gain my Registered Dietitian license. Additionally, I am currently pursuing my Graduate Degree in Sports Nutrition and Integrative Physiology. Registered Dietitians are known as the nutrition experts because we encompass our lives in nutrition. I work on figuring out what works for YOU! I am also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise, trained on helping individuals incorporate healthy movement into their lives. Not only do you want to get strong but, creating healthy movement patterns is essential in activities of daily living.